Issues in English 1-2

Issues in English innehåller ett stort antal olika språkövningar som kretsar kring åtta angelägna ämnesområden som utbildning, immigration, media, diskriminering.


Issues in English 1 (8 moduler i fyra svårighetsnivåer)

1.Animal Rights 2.Discrimination 3.Euthanasia 4.Gambling 5.Growing old 6.Public transport  7.Smoking 8.The environment

Språk: Australian English  Distribution: LAN och CD-ROM


Issues in English 2 (8 moduler i fyra svårighetsnivåer) 

1.Education 2.Fame 3.Immigration 4.Languages 5.Media 6.Sport 7.Technology  8.Wilderness

Språk: International English Distribution: Online, LMS, LAN och CD-ROM  Lärarmodul: Med resultatuppföljning

Utgångspunkten för samtliga språkövningar är 32 videoklipp där en person presenterar en åsikt eller information. Övningarna är uppdelade i fyra svårighetsnivåer från elementär till avancerad. Övningarna kan även skrivas ut för traditionell undervisning.


Issues in English 2 TESL-EJJune 2006, Volume 10, Number 1

“If you and your students loved the original Issues then you will find, as I did, that its companion Issues in English 2, is a fantastic addition to the online resources. It is designed for learners aged 12 to adult, with over 700 hours of interactive vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, reading and writing activities, including all the same types of exercises as the original – plus some great new ones. I particularly like the new Listening to Identify Errors activity which includes listening, recalling and writing in small achievable chunks … The design, layout and navigation are very user friendly and encourage good learning habits.”

Dorothy Waterhouse Professional Connections.

Issues in English 2

“As previously stated all the students were very positive regarding this software. Although only the two non-native speakers were volunteers all six students felt that Issues in English was enjoyable to use. All students responded positively to the different accents that the program provided them with, and had no difficulties with comprehension. Students were actively engaged with the program throughout, and have continued to access the program after completion of the trial period. They report being impressed with the praise feature, and appreciated the range of comments with which they were provided. Students preferred those activities where instant feedback on their progress was available, rather than waiting for writing to be marked by the teacher and information given to them at a later date. “

Colin England, Schoolzone

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